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Hee Sun Jackie Kim, Ph.D.

Dr. Hee Sun Jackie kim is passionate about  counseling, coaching and Christian ministry. She has worked as an educator, psychotherapist, and counselor in clinical, non-profit, and church settings for over two decades. Trained in various psychotherapy, counseling and art therapy modalities with a theology background, her professional expertise includes faith integration, counseling, coaching, art therapy, parent education, counseling education, Christian education, and violence prevention.


International Coaching Federation(ICF), Co-Active PCC Trainee

Ph.D.,  Union Institute & University, Cincinnati, OH: Interdisciplinary Arts- PsychoTherapy

MPA, Nyack Alliance Theological Seminary, New York, NY: Urban Ministries Concentration in Counseling  

MA, University of Wisconsin, Superior, WI: Art Therapy

MA completed, Korea University, Seoul, South Korea: Art Education

BA, Dong Guk University, Seoul, South Korea: Studio Arts


2023   Singapore Korean Presbyterian Church (나눔과 섬김교회),  ‘Mother, Gratitude,’Singapore

2023   Youth With A Mission (YWAM) ACTS NJ, Virtual Restores Counseling School- “Wheel of Life”

2022   Youth With A Mission (YWAM) ACTS NJ, Virtual Restores Counseling School-“Anger Management,”

          “Inner Child.”

2022   NY Pilar Church, Parents & Teachers’ Seminar, “Biblical Parenting Coaching: How 

           to Create a Plan for Family Worship.” Queens, NY

2021   Revive The New England Wave (ReNEW) Virtual Conference, “Biblical Parenting: 

           Why Eye Level Matters in Positive Parenting.”

2021   Canada Christian College, ‘Counseling Principle And Methods” 

2021   New England Korean Church Association, New England Korean Pastors society,  

           ReNew & Arise,  Virtual Seminar, “Biblical Parenting Coaching to Prevent Media 

           Addiction for the Next Generation”

2021  Stepping Stone Leadership Academy, “Healthy Leadership,” “Biblical Counseling” Hackensack, NJ

2021  NJ Silver Retreat (에녹회), “Self-Care and Horticulture Therapy Workshop” Cream Ridge, NJ

2021  Pilgrim Mission Church (PMC), How to Prevent Media Violence & Addiction,” Hackensack, NJ

2021  Boston Evangelical Church, Virtual Seminar, “Sexuality and Our Faith”

2021  NY Pillar Church, Teachers’ Virtual Seminar, “Children and Youth Ministry After COVID-19”

2021  Youth With A Mission (YWAM) ACTS NJ, Virtual Restores Counseling School - “Anger Control”

2020  Sandol Church, Parenting Seminar, “Why Eye Level Matters in Positive Parenting,” Pine Brook, NJ

2020  Korean Community Center (KCC), Virtual Seminar, “Self-Care and Coping with COVID-19

2020  Family Touch, Virtual Seminar, “Domestic Violence/Sexual violence Safety Planning for Hotline Dispatchers,”            Teaneck, NJ

2020  Pilgrim Mission Church, Virtual Seminar for Pastors, “Crisis Counseling during Pandemic”

2019  Korean Community Center (KCC), Staff Training, ‘Domestic Violence and Safety Planning,’ Tenafly, NJ

2019  Korean American Family Service Center (KAFSC), Volunteer/Hotline Dispatcher Training, Flushing, NY

2019  Youth With A Mission (YWAM) ACTS NJ, Restores Counseling School- “Seed of Self,” Leonia, NJ

2018  NaSum (서울나눔과 섬김의 교회) Church, Summer Retreat- “Oneness with God restored,” Shin-Cheon,

          South Korea

2015 - to date   Revive The New England Wave (ReNEW) Conference, “What grows after a forest fire in our                         Christian journey?,  “Biblical Sexuality within Biblical world view,” “Removing the masks in relationships,”               “Biblical principles on godly communication,” “Learned helplessness,” ”Mentoring for young women    

           leaders,” “Witness to the Gospel,” “The Bible and emotions, ”Leah under heavy veil,”  “ Sexuality and Our             Faith,” Framingham, MA

 2015  Young professional Chinese Missionary Discipleship training, “The varieties of Religious Therapy: Secular                 Humanism,” Hangzhou, China

2013   Family Touch, “Why am I depressed?- Senior Forum”, Leonia, NJ

2013   Family Touch, “Counselor Supervision Panel,” Leonia, NJ

2012 - 2016   Canada Christian College, “Theory and Ministry in Christian Counseling,” “Theory and Practice in                   Psychotherapy,” “Pastoral Counseling with non-verbal approaches,” “Crisis Intervention and Conflict                         Intervention,” “Practice Clinical Counseling and Case Studies,” Teaneck, NJ

2007 - 2010   Adler Graduate School, “Multicultural Issues in Art-Psychotherapy,” Richfield, MN

2007   Hawaii International Conference on Social Sciences, “The Effectiveness of the Applied Multi-Sensory                         Stimulation (AMSS) Therapy Model for Dementia in Health Care: Development of the Tailored                                     Complementary Therapy Model with a Social Implication”, Honolulu, HI

2007   Come to Your Senses; Opening the Sensory World to Children and Adults with Complex Disabilities, “Using             Arts as a Therapeutic Clinical Modality to Meet Sensory Needs”, Toronto, Canada

2006   American Art Therapy Association 37th Annual Conference, “Applied Multi-Sensory Stimulation (AMSS)                     therapy,” New Orleans, LA

2005   WonKwang University, Bricolage workshop, “Inuksuk,” Gwa Cheon, South Korea

2004   Union University & Institute, Art therapy workshop, “Multi-Sensory Stimulation,” Santa Fe, NM

2003   Minnesota Art Therapists’ Organization, Art therapy workshop, “Healing Powers of Art,” Minneapolis, MN



2021  Living the Life Episode 14: Healthy Parents-Children Relationships,    

2021  Living the Life Episode 13: Healthy Marriage Relationships,   

2021  Living the Life Episode 12: Laughing Virus for a Happy Family,            


2019  Family Touch, Learned Helpfulness, January, 2019,  p.22

2013  Family Touch, Healthy Inner Child, January 2013, p.9.

2004  Ansan City Newspaper, Ansan Times, weekly art therapy column(1yr.).


2004  Ebenezer campus newsletter, Reflections, June 2004, p.5

2004  Ebenezer newspaper. Insideview, May 2004, Vol. 2 No. 5, p.7

2002  Ebenezer campus newspaper. February 2002, Hi Lites, vol. 11, (I), p.5


Founder/Coach/Counselor, Elim counseling coaching Center, Singapore
Director of Education, Steppingstone Leadership Academy, NJ, United States
Counselor, Korean American Family Service Center(KAFSC), NYC, United States
Counseling Pastor, Riverside Community Church, NJ, United States
Psychotherapist/Art Therapist, Detoxification Unit, Mary Immaculate Hospital, NYC, United States
Art Therapist,Dementia Unit, Ebenezer Luther Care Center, MN, United States
Adjunct Professor, Adler Graduate School, MN, United States
Visiting Professor, Myongji University, S.Korea
Art Therapist Intern, Struthers Parkinson’s Center, Park Methodist Nicollet Hospital, MN, United states



Member of the Board Advisor, Lifeline, Singapore
Member Board of Directors, New Jersey United Christian Academy, NJ, United States

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