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Community workshop

Anger Management

In today's fast-paced and stress-filled world, anger has become a prevalent emotion that can disrupt our lives and relationships. Anger is a powerful emotion that can consume us if left unchecked. It often arises when our expectations go unmet or when we feel wronged or disrespected.  Also, bitterness is unresolved,  anger and resentment is unforgiven. To unroot bitterness, the first step is understanding what bitterness is. Effective anger/bitterness management is crucial for maintaining emotional well-being and fostering healthy connections with others.

Anger management workshops provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals to explore the root causes of their anger and learn practical strategies for controlling it. Through engaging activities, group discussions, and expert guidance, participants gain insights into their anger triggers and develop healthy coping mechanisms. These workshops empower individuals to break free from the grip of anger, fostering personal growth, and promoting healthier relationships.

Violence Prevention

Behind various crimes in our society, such as domestic violence, child abuse, elder abuse, dating violence, media violence, and sexual violence, there is a characteristic of repetitive cycles. Moreover, once exposed to domestic violence, there is a high risk of it leading to other threats. Therefore, it is crucial for the community as a whole to pay close attention and develop comprehensive measures to address domestic violence, not only within the home. Additionally, children who experience domestic violence suffer severe mental and physical trauma, and there is a high probability that they may become perpetrators of dating violence, school violence, elder abuse, or even become perpetrators of domestic violence themselves when they form their own families as adults. So, early intervention is crucial in dealing with domestic violence, preventing its recurrence, conducting root cause analysis, and having safety plans in place.

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Faith-based Service

Teacher’s Training

In Christian education, there must be a purpose. Within faith-based educational settings, teachers hold the key to nurturing the faith of young children and teenagers. Church and Sunday school teachers play a crucial role in teaching children the Word of God and instilling faith within them. They guide them on their journey to becoming devoted individuals of God. Teachers not only equip the next generation as disciples of the Lord but also act as evangelists and counselors, helping them develop the spiritual maturity and  their gifts for God's kingdom.

Here are areas you will learn in the teacher’s training:

1. Nurturing the spiritual growth of teachers, enabling them to grow trust and empathy with their students.

2. Enhancing professional teaching skills and providing practical leading techniques that equip teachers to effectively engage with students in the classroom and provide guidance when needed.

3. Facilitating a deep understanding of biblical and doctrinal foundations, equipping teachers with the knowledge and wisdom to effectively convey these truths to their students in a small group setting.


Parenting brings immense joy and fulfillment, but it can also be a source of stress and frustration. It is essential for parents to express their empathy on the same eye level as their children to establish a deep connection. Regardless of the depth of affection, children cannot truly know their parents unless there is genuine communication and understanding.

Parents have a unique and unparalleled love for their children, surpassing any other form of affection. However, what truly matters is not just the intensity of their love toward their children, but how it is consistently shown and communicated. It is through unwavering and genuine acts of love that children can truly feel and experience the deep and profound affection their parents have for them.

Being parents might not always come naturally or easily. They're effortlessly patient, affectionate and nurturing, and it all comes naturally from a place deep inside. Parents play a vital role in raising and preparing their children for life in society, involving aspects such as observation, discipline, and emotional connection. It's important to recognize that a person's growth is influenced by various factors beyond just the parent-child relationship.

Mother, Gratitude

The parenting program, ‘Mother-Gratitude” provides parents with the opportunity to understand these factors, including the roles and responsibilities of parenting, the different stages of child development, the importance of secure attachment, building healthy relationships, establishing healthy boundaries, and practicing self-care. By participating in our educational programs, parents can gain valuable insights and skills to navigate the complexities of parenting and create a nurturing environment for their children's overall well-being.

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Workshops inquiry

The Elim Center offers community education on issues relevant to any form of violence and safety plans or other related needs by means of seminars to local churches, schools, businesses and non-profit organizations upon request.

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